Did you know we have expanded our service offering?

Did you know we have expanded our service offering?

We are very excited with our new diversified service offering. This is a fantastic step towards providing our clients with comprehensive and tailored support throughout their business lifecycle and personal financial journey.

We have added Independent Financial Advice to our existing suite of services.

As your accountants we work with you to ensure your tax affairs are optimal.  When it comes to your personal wealth there is far more to it than just tax planning.  This is why we believe that in the same way you receive expert advice relating to your tax affairs and business management, you should ensure you receive expert financial planning advice from a qualified financial planner.

Our separately branded financial planning business TAG Financial Planning are able to offer advice in all areas of financial planning, such as:

  1. Pensions – review existing pensions, company contributions and commercial property.
  2. Investments – portfolio review, ISAs, Bonds, Trusts etc
  3. Insurance – shareholder protection, key man insurance, Mortgage life cover, income protection and critical illness cover
  4. Goals Based Financial Planning – identifying goals and objectives, current position, strategy & progress modelling, implementation of plan to achieve success.

A member of our financial planning team will work with you to identify, quantify, and bring to life your life goals. They will assess your current financial plan, review the strengths and weaknesses, and advise what adjustments are required align it with your desired outcome. 

Together with the financial planning we can also provide additional services as follows:

  1. Corporate Restructuring
  2. Share Schemes
  3. M&A Tax Services
  4. Capital Allowances
  5. R&D Tax Credits
  6. Tax Investigation
  7. Exit Planning
  8. Trust Planning
  9. Inheritance Tax Planning
  10. Property Portfolio Planning
  11. Valuations
  12. VAT Advice

We all know the benefit of receiving timely professional advice when it comes to financial matters, especially when big changes are required. 

For more information or to arrange an initial conversation with an adviser please contact us on 01386 366741 or email hello@tpitdev2.uk and one of our advisers will be in contact.

You work hard for your money, it’s important that your money works hard for you!