Why Should I Use Xero?

Why Should I Use Xero?

With over a million subscribers, Xero is a leading online accounting system designed for small business owners. It’s easy to use and the ultimate hassle free way to run and grow your business. With real-time access to your financial information, you’ll always have the numbers whenever or wherever you need them.

Here are our favourite ten reasons why you should invest in Xero:


1. Dashboard

The dashboard displays a snapshot of your organisation’s financials and transactions entered in Xero. So if you are sat on the train or waiting to go into a meeting, you can log in and see what money you have and what is due to come in or go out of the business account. You can customise the dashboard to suit your needs.

2.Bank Feeds

Direct bank feeds automatically import account transactions into Xero from your bank on a daily basis. This is a fantastic feature which simplifies the process of reconciling money coming in and out of your bank.

3. Bank Rules

Bank rules are a great tool which can really help to speed up the bank reconciliation process. They’re perfect for recurring payments such as standing order or direct debit for which there is no invoice to enter into Xero. Simply specify the amount and what the payment relates to and Xero will process this entry for you each time it appears in the bank account.

4. Expenses

There is no easier way to keep track of your expenses! You can record and claim expenses online or snap receipts on the go with the mobile app so nothing is missed. All done in a couple of clicks and no need to keep the paper receipt.

5. Xero App

Work while you’re on the move with the Xero mobile app. Reconcile, send invoices, capture expenses and look up contact details wherever you are.

6. Recurring sales invoices

If you’re invoicing customers on a regular basis for the same amount, you can set up a repeating invoice and let Xero do the hard work for you. Xero will automatically create and email the invoice to the customer for you whenever you need it to.

7. Payment Services

Accept online payments by adding a payment service to Xero. When you email an invoice, your customer can view it online and use the payment button to pay you securely using your payment service. This is great for speeding up customer payments!

8. Xero to Xero

If your customers and suppliers also use Xero, invoices and bills can be sent directly to each other’s Xero account by sharing your Xero network key. Xero really does simplify the invoicing and billing process and with over a million subscribers, it’s likely you’re already dealing with another Xero user!

9. Customer Invoice Reminders

This is great for keeping on top of your cash flow. Invoice reminders allow you to automatically send your customers an email reminder about their invoice, speeding up the payment process.

10. File Upload

You can scan and upload invoices, purchase orders and more, all of which will be securely stored in the Cloud. You can upload documents or email them directly to your Xero account. The documents can then be attached to your accounting transactions in Xero so you’ll always have easy access to the information without the need for storing paper copies.