How much are accountancy fees for a limited company?

How much are accountancy fees for a limited company?

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘How much are accountancy fees for a limited company?

It depends” is the straight answer. Think of buying accountancy services as if you were buying a holiday. There’s a lot to think about and you’ll find a host of varying prices on the internet. How many people will be travelling?What standard of hotel would you like? Would you prefer an all inclusive resort or self catering? What hotel facilities do you need? All of these options affect the price you pay.

We don’t offer ‘one size fits all’ accountancy packages. Whilst we do ‘bundle’ together a range of services to ensure you have all you need to move your business forward on a monthly basis, the package is tailored specifically for your business, so you can be assured you only pay for what you actually receive value from.

We have a fully qualified in-house bookkeeping team who can handle all of the day to day accounting entries, VAT returns, Payroll etc for you, saving you from the hassle and headache of bank reconciliations and leaving you to focus on where your time matters, your business. However, some clients may prefer to carry out these tasks themselves, if they have the time and resources to do so. This is one reason why accountancy fees for a limited company can vary so much – it depends what you actually want from us.

Before we work with any client, we will hold an initial telephone call (we call it a ‘Discovery Call’) to find out a little more about you’re looking for. As part of that process, we’ll ask what’s working well for you at the moment and what isn’t. If we think we can help and if we believe that we’re a good fit, we then arrange a meeting to delve deeper into your business. During that meeting, we’ll prepare a proposal for you, clearly setting out the services we’ll provide to you and the cost of those services. Our fees take into account many factors, such as the level of your business turnover, the number of staff you employee and the services required. There’s no hidden surprises either, what you see is what you’ll pay and not a penny more.

We’re firm believers in that accountancy isn’t just about profit and loss. Profit is only part of the successful outcome of business growth. We believe as accountants, we’re here to make sure your business is giving you the life you dream of. It’s not just about ticking boxes but setting goals and helping you achieve them. To do this, we use the latest technology and software, not only to tell you how much profit you’ve made each month, but to also focus on budgeting, cashflow and detailed reporting. We’re here to work with you on a monthly basis and to help you see the bigger picture, so that you know exactly how your business is performing in every aspect.

If you’re looking for more certainty in your business, we can help you through financial insight. The future starts now!